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5 x International Emmy-nominated director Luiz Fernando Carvalho says about Louisa: 

"Louisa is a rare interpreter: she has an indivisible union of delicacy and intensity in a single look. She honours the word and action it entails, making her performances full of nuances. She could, for example, blush at an exact moment."

Louisa was featured in numerous articles in Brazilian newspapers, magazines and online articles for her work in 'Independências'. 

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Louisa was nominated for Best Script at BIFA-qualifying Exit 6 Film Festival for her short film 'The Ceiling', where the film was also an official selection. She also won the Best Acting Ensemble award alongside her co-star Jake Curran at World Indie Film Awards.

Reviews for her work in 'The Play That Goes Wrong'


The Reviews Hub

"Louisa Sexton who stood in as Annie at tonight’s performance is delightful as the stagehand come female lead."

North West End

"Louisa Sexton, who played Annie, who played Florence must be credited for her witty and precise performance. Sexton was the understudy for this role and to be performing it on the opening night at the Liverpool Empire Theatre to such an extraordinary standard, makes you wonder why it was not her role in the first place."

Mini Travellers

"On the night we reviewed the understudy Louisa Sexton stepped into the role as fictional understudy Annie.  Her performance was superb and I simply loved the constant mishaps that befall her character."

Liverpool Echo Newspaper

"And to add an extra element of farce to the proceedings, real life understudy Louisa Sexton got to step in as fictional understudy Annie, who gets a taste for the limelight and ends up going all Single White Female on the actress whose role she has - temporarily - stepped into.”

Arts City Liverpool

"The cast (including LIPA graduate Louisa Sexton) prove crack team of physical comedians"

Wirral Globe

"And a huge Bravo goes to understudy actress Louisa Sexton, who plays understudy Annie. How that's for dramatic irony.”

Interview with Movie Metropolis on Louisa's short film 'The Ceiling'. (Scroll the image to read)

Interview with Musical Theatre Lives in Me with Louisa Sexton about 'The Play That Goes Wrong'. (Click 'agree' then scroll the image to read)

Newspaper article about Louisa Sexton in the Golden Globe and BAFTA nominated feature film '101 Dalmatians'

Third Bench on the Left (Short Film)

Louisa won the Jury Award for Best Actress at the Europe Film Festival UK 2021. 
This film was also nominated for Best Short Film at London Shorts Film Festival 2021. 
This film was written and produced by Louisa

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