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Speech & Drama

Louisa has been a speech & drama teacher for eleven years.

She has a passion for encouraging her students and building their confidence in their performance and public speaking abilities. 

Louisa prepares students for LAMDA examinations. This includes Performance exams (such as acting and devising drama) and Communication exams (including Verse & Prose, Speaking in Public and Reading for Performance.

Her students have a 100% pass rate, with over 90% receiving Disctinctions, the highest award a student can receive. 

Louisa's writing has been published in the most recent LAMDA acting anthology. 

Louisa has created LAMDA theory guides, which help other LAMDA teachers and students create the perfectly detailed yet concise answers for the theory section of LAMDA exams. These have been incredibly successful and have received all 5* reviews. 

She also prepares students to take part in The Watford Festival, which is Europe's largest speech and drama festival.


Louisa also enjoys working with students who need help preparing monologues for drama school auditions.  

If you are interested in hearing more information about speech & drama classes, please email Louisa:

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