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Clips/ Self Tapes

Character: Empress Leopoldina

This is a clip from 'Independências', directed by

5 x International Emmy-Nominated Luiz Fernando Carvalho. Louisa is acting with Brazilian actress Maria Fernanda Cândido. 


Lawyer Scene

Character: Lawyer (Self-assured, confident, capable, professional)

Filmed at a Run At It Shouting Casting Workshop

In January 2024, Louisa organised and took part in a Self Tape Challenge, where she did five self tapes over ten days. 

Each scene was written by Louisa.

Police Drama

Character: Ainsley (police officer, self-assured, confident, capable, professional)

Written in the style of LINE OF DUTY, HAPPY VALLEY, THE TOWER


Character: Alex (emotional, vulnerable)

Written in the style of The Souvenir, Marriage Story, Moonlight

Period Drama

Character: Julia (vain, witty, confident, romantic)

Written in the style of Bridgerton, Downton Abbey.

Character: Clara (Kind, Confident, Level-Headed- AMERICAN ACCENT)

Written in the style of The Maze Runner, The Circle, Insurgent)

Sci Fi


Character: Cameron (sensible, guarded, mature)

Written in the style of The Flatshare, Feel Good, Him/Her)


A comedic monologue from the play 'Herding Cats' by Lucinda Coxon. 

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